How to Simultaneously Output the Same Document via Email and via Printer

Scenario: The business have made a request for the delivery note to not only be emailed to the M3 user but also to be printed to a particular office printer.

Currently the delivery note (MMS480PF) is emailed to a particular M3 user via the following runtime configuration (Figure 1):

Figure 1: Runtime configuration for an EMAIL-only Delivery Note
  1. Open the Message
  2. Change the name fof the Delivery_Note process to EMAIL_Delivery_Note
  3. Copy the EMAIL_Delivery_Note process
  4. Paste the copied process and rename it Printer_Delivery_Note
  5. Right click on the Printer_Delivery_Note process and select Script…
  6. Insert the following code:

setdestpath("PrinterName"); //for more info on this click here

  1. Open the Runtime
  2. Right-click on each process node and select Settings…
  3. Uncheck the Select automatically checkbox
  4. Connect the new Printer_Delivery_Note process node to your Printer output connector (mine is named PCL6
    • The EMAIL_Delivery_Note process node should be alreadyu connected to the MAIL output connector
  5. Right-click on the each process node and select Connector Selection…
  6. Select the Variable Connection Type and enter a variable name (see Figure 2)
Figure 2
  1. Make sure that the Default Connector is the PCL6 output connector for the new Printer_Delivery_Note process node and MAIL for the EMAIL_Delivery_Note process node (see Figure 3)
Figure 3: Runtime configuration for an Emailed AND printed document
  1. Open the Message
  2. Right-click on the message node and select Script…
  3. Insert the following code:

$SelectedOutputConnector = “MAIL”;
$SelectedOutputConnector = “PCL6”;

Export and deploy and test!

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