Troubleshoot: Control Center Producing the Fatal error: OutputMode set to Document or Job mode and current Message does not belong to a Job definition. (Connector):MAIL

Explanation: You are deploying an export but the referenced output connector in your message script does not match the selected output connector in your runtime.

  1. Open the message and right-click on the message icon and select Script…
  2. Examine the script and identify the output connector being referenced in the runtime. Figure 1 displays the MAIL output connect being called in our example.
Figure 1: The message script
  1. Open the runtime examine the connection between the process (e.g. Invoice) and the output connector.
  2. You need to ensure that the process is referencing the correct output connector. Right-click on the process and select Connector Selection… Figure 2 shows that the process Invoice is referencing the correct MAIL output connector.
Figure 2: The connector selection method

Export, deploy and test!

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