How to Install and Configure a Printer on your StreamServe Host Windows Server

Scenario: I am continuously being asked to set up printers so that they can communicate with StreamServe. The best way to do this is to configure a printer on the Test host server, make sure its successfully printing and then replicate in the Live host server. This tutorial shall instruct you how to add a printer to a Windows Server.

PLEASE NOTE: The printer I am adding is a ZEBRA label printer for the Goods Intake Bay of a warehouse

  1. Click Start and select Devices and Printers and select the Add a printer option (Figure 1)
Figure 1
  1. Select Add a local or network printer as an administrator (Figure 2)
Figure 2
  1. Select Add a local printer (Figure 3)

    Figure 3
  2. Select the Create a new port option and make sure it is a Standard TCP/IP port (see Figure 4)
  3. Click Next

    Figure 4
  4. Type the new IP address into the Hostname or IP address textbox (Figure 5). This will automatically input the same IP into the Port name textbox

TIP: If the IP address is already being used then the suffix _1 will be appended to the IP address in the Port name textbox e.g.  xx.xx.xx.xxx_1

  1. Click Next
Figure 5
  1. The IP of the printer is queried and detected as long as it is online on the network
  2. Select the Generic Network Card as the Device Type (Figure 6)
  3. Click Next
Figure 6
  1. Select the Manufacturer and Printer model you are configuring (Figure 7)

TIP: Click the Windows Update button to update the list of models / drivers from a central Microsoft repository.

  1. Click Next
Figure 7
  1. Type the Printer name – you should make this a meaningful name. In this case the name is INTAKE_BAY (Figure 8).
  2. Click Next to install the printer
Figure 8
  1. Select the Share this printer … option , type in a meaningful Location and type the IP address into the Comment textbox (Figure 9)
  2. Click Next
Figure 9

IMPORTANT: The printer is now installed. I advise you to run a test page (Figure 10) to make sure it is printing OK.

Figure 10

IMPORTANT: The printer is now visible in Devices and Printers (Figure 11)

Figure 11

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