Troubleshoot: Control Center producing an ‘Fatal error: args start.arg(2:No such file or directory)’ error

Explanation: The first time you deployed an exported project in Control Center you did not check the Include argument file in export checkbox

The very first time you export a project you must check the Include argument file in export checkbox so that the start.arg file is created in the Working Directory

Figure 1 displays the checkbox to check:

Figure 1

Export, deploy and test!

Troubleshoot: Control Center producing the ** UNLICENSED ** warning

Explanation: The application license is not present in your Working Directory folder structure

  1. Obtain the strs.lic file

TIP: Copy an existing / valid file from the same path as another application of another licensed project

  1. Open the Working Directory by accessing the Platform folder on the host server:


  1. Paste the file into the Platform folder


Export, deploy and test! The ** UNLICENSED ** will now disappear.