How to Simultaneously Output the Same Document via Email and via Printer

Scenario: The business have made a request for the delivery note to not only be emailed to the M3 user but also to be printed to a particular office printer.

Currently the delivery note (MMS480PF) is emailed to a particular M3 user via the following runtime configuration (Figure 1):

Figure 1: Runtime configuration for an EMAIL-only Delivery Note
  1. Open the Message
  2. Change the name fof the Delivery_Note process to EMAIL_Delivery_Note
  3. Copy the EMAIL_Delivery_Note process
  4. Paste the copied process and rename it Printer_Delivery_Note
  5. Right click on the Printer_Delivery_Note process and select Script…
  6. Insert the following code:

setdestpath("PrinterName"); //for more info on this click here

  1. Open the Runtime
  2. Right-click on each process node and select Settings…
  3. Uncheck the Select automatically checkbox
  4. Connect the new Printer_Delivery_Note process node to your Printer output connector (mine is named PCL6
    • The EMAIL_Delivery_Note process node should be alreadyu connected to the MAIL output connector
  5. Right-click on the each process node and select Connector Selection…
  6. Select the Variable Connection Type and enter a variable name (see Figure 2)
Figure 2
  1. Make sure that the Default Connector is the PCL6 output connector for the new Printer_Delivery_Note process node and MAIL for the EMAIL_Delivery_Note process node (see Figure 3)
Figure 3: Runtime configuration for an Emailed AND printed document
  1. Open the Message
  2. Right-click on the message node and select Script…
  3. Insert the following code:

$SelectedOutputConnector = “MAIL”;
$SelectedOutputConnector = “PCL6”;

Export and deploy and test!

How to Easily Improve Traceability via M3 and your Delivery Note

Scenario: The Quality Department have informed you that they want the trailer number pirnted on every delivery note from now on however, the despatcher will only find out the trailer number at the time of loading.

For the solution I will use the Ext tracking no: textbox in the MWS410/F panel.

Solution Part 1: StreamServe

  1. Open the PageOut and add a label to the header section of your delivery note
  2. Enter the following text into the label: Trailer Number
  3. Drag the field AHOQETRN from the Field folder in the Message window and place it opposite (or beneath) the label Trailer Number
    1. If you have multiple pages you need to complete this step for each page
  4. Export and deploy the project

Solution Part 2: M3

  1. Open MWS410 (Delivery. Open Toolbox)
  2. Right-click on the delivery that you are currently despatching and select Change
  3. The panel MWS410/E opens however, you need to click Next (or hit Enter) to open panel F
  4. In the highlighted textbox in Figure 1, enter the trailer number which is being used for the despatch and click Next.
  5. Click the Back button until you return to MWS410 and proceed with the despatch as normal.

Figure 1: Snapshot of MWS410/F
When the Delivery Note is generated it will display the trailer number used for the despatch.