Troubleshoot: M3 Users are not receiving output (Part 2)

Explanation: Users are complaining that their submitted jobs in M3 are not being received in their inboxes.

Problem Diagnosis

  1. Open MNS206 (M3 Output. Manage per Job)
  2. Change the Sorting order to 6-Output Status
  3. Type SND into the Sts column and type the date into the Ent dt column
  4. Press Enter

You now have a list of jobs that have the status SND (Sent) which means they have been sent but not saved or received by M3 – they have a status of SAV when they are successfully received by M3. Figure 1 indicates a sample job with SND.

Figure 1: A submitted job with status SND

Problem: The problem is with M3. You need to contact your M3 administrators and ask them to view its performance. They should especially check if any autojobs need to be restarted.

Once M3 has been fixed, all jobs with status SND will now automatically begin to hit StreamServe and produce output for users.

You do not need to resend jobs! 

You should monitor all traffic for a while and constantly refresh MNS206 to see jobs change status from SND to SAV (Sent & Saved).

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