Troubleshoot: M3 Users are not receiving output (Part 1)

Scenario: Users are complaining that their submitted jobs in M3 are not being received in their inboxes.

Problem Diagnosis:

  1. Open MNS206 (M3 Output. Manage per Job)
  2. Change the Sorting order to 6-Output Status
  3. Type MSG into the Sts column and type the date into the Ent dt column
  4. Press Enter

You now have a list of jobs that have the status MSG (Error Detected) – these jobs were sent during the downtime. Figure 1 indicates a sample job with MSG. Now You must find out what error has been detected.

Figure 1: A submitted job at status MSG
  1. Right-click on one of the MSG jobs and select Display
    1. The E panel is triggered
  2. The Message is CR_0025 and the description tells you that the server is not responding –  Figure 2 displays these details
Figure 2: Job error message onn MNS206/E panel

Problem: The problem is with StreamServe. The Control Center service is no longer running so it needs to be restarted.


  1. Click back to return to MNS206
  2. Open Control Center – the service will not be running
  3. Start the service

All jobs with status MSG will now automatically begin to hit StreamServe and produce output for users.

You do not need to resend jobs! 

You should monitor all traffic for a while and constantly refresh MNS206 to see jobs change status from MSG to SAV (Sent & Saved).

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