How to control/restrict user access to a particular PageOut process

Scenario: You have been tasked to make several amendments to the Invoice however, all users must still have uninterrupted access to the original Invoice.

Prerequisite: Create a copy of the Invoice PageOut process (name it WIP_Invoice) and configure its output settings.

  1. Open the runtime and uncheck the Select automatically checkbox for both/all processes.
  2. Open the message and right-click on the message icon and select Script…
  3. Insert the following code:

If ($mvx_USER = “<movexusername>”) { // <movexusername> is your username



else {



The above code only allows you to run the WIP_Invoice process as the condition is based on your username from the spool file. Everyone else will run the Invoice process

FYI: $mvx_ is the prefix used for global variables e.g. $mvx_USER, $mvx_tomail etc.

Export, deploy and test!

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