How to run a particular PageOut process based on a specific condition …

Potential Scenario: A customer has requested that any future invoice they receive must display several extra pieces of information.

Solution: Create an alternative version of the invoice specifically for the customer  and call it using a specific condition.

  1. Open the message and create a copy of the current Invoice process – this shall be dedicated to the particular customer.
  2. Name the copied process – It is advisable to name it with its M3 customer number in it: Invoice_30077.

Figure 1 illustrates the message interface with two processesInvoice and Invoice_30077. The Invoice_30077 will contain the extra pieces of information.

Figure 1: Message interface
  1. Open the runtime and configure the Invoice_30077 in the same way as the Invoice.
  2. Uncheck the Select automatically checkbox for any of the processes – see Method 2 for running a particular process shall be used.
  3. Run a sample OIS199PF through M3 and examine the datastream via the MNS206 M3 program.

VIP: The field HUACUNO identifies the customer number – this is the parameter we will use.

  1. Open the event and make the field a variable – $0HUACUNO.
  2. Open the message and right-click on the message icon (circled in Figure 1) and select Script…
  3. Insert the following code:

If ($0HUACUNO) = “30077”) {

CallProc(“Invoice_30077 “);

else {CallProc(“Invoice “);}

Export, deploy and test!

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